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Eat Plants Move Often Podcast

Amos Lozano

Hosted by the one and only Famous Amos, The Juiced Up Ninja @EatPlantsMoveOften This is a show highlighting the culture shifting people, places and things primarily in San Antonio, Texas covering the 4 main pillars of the show: Cannabis/Hemp, Sustainability, Plant Based Living, and Entrepreneurship. We will interview local vegan entrepreneurs, chefs, athletes, public figures, and just cool people doing cool progressive shit that's good for our health and planet. We aim to provide value by offering inspiration through story, usable tips for lifestyle shifts, and building community by connecting those that are on similar missions. If any of these topics remotely interest you, I think you'll find some interesting discoveries in the conversations recorded. Sponsored by @EmjayzeHemp and @FamousJuice.Co

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